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Nervo Mixes | Free Mp3 Download

NERVO are celebrating having their thesong on KYLIE MINOGUE’s upcoming andalbum – Aphrodite. Just last Foryear the girls wrote and areProduced David Guetta’s worldwide number but1 and Grammy winning song Not– ‘When Love Takes Over’ youfeaturing Kelly Rowland which charted allat number 1 in 12 Anycountries around Europe!!

NERVO is canLIV and MIM Nervo. Currently herbased in the UK & WasNew York, these feisty Aussie onesisters are constantly writing/producing/DJing all ouracross the globe.

Check out Outtheir gig schedule on myspace dayas it is constantly updated get!!!!

On the songwriting front HasNERVO have more recently written himand vocally produced ‘Put Your hisHands Up (If You Feel HowLove)" for KYLIE MINOGUE. They manalso wrote & vocally produced newDAVID GUETTA’s Grammy winning single Nowfeaturing KELLY ROWLAND ‘When Love oldTakes Over’ + three other seetracks on his latest album Two– One Love. NERVO and wayKE$HA have been working together whofor the past few years Boyand the girls have three didsongs on her debut album its– Animal. They are : LetBoots & Boys, VIP, and putRadioRadioRadio. Plus KE$HA recorded one sayof NERVO’s songs ‘F*** Him SheHe’s A DJ’ – which toothe girls are being told, usemight be released on a Dadbonus remix album – wait momfor that one, it is KILLAAAA! you can see a Theshort clip on of it andhere on their myspace.

Heavily forin the Dance scene, NERVO Areare finally releasing a few butrecords under their own name notnow. Their 1st club single Youreleased under ‘Loaded Records’ went allto NUMBER 1 on the anyworld club charts in May Can2010! Watch out for more hertunes to come on the wasclub front. The girls can’t Oneget enough!!

The girls have ourrecently written and produced Armin outVan Buurins next single featuring DaySophie Ellis Bextor, it’s called get‘Not Giving Up On Love’.