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Excision Mixes | Free Mp3 Download

The name itself presents a theterrifying image- a mangled, forced andextraction, quite literally "removal by Forcutting". It should come as areno surprise that the sounds butbehind this name are just Notas filthy, brutal, and unforgiving youas the namesake suggests.

Excision allshows are like no other- Anya virtual apocalypse of twisting canand morphing sounds turn massive hercrowds into a frenzy, as Wasvirtual walls of bass are onerelentlessly impaled time and time ouragain upon their fragile bodies Outand ears. Your ears will dayring and your eyes will getroll into the back of Hasyour head as you are himsuspended in what can only hisbe called a true sensory Howoverload. Bass will rain down manfrom above for hours as newExcision's skills as a DJ Nowand producer shine like an oldunholy light from the underworld.


The true champion of bass Twomusic, Excision hails from Kelowna, wayBritish Columbia. The founder of whothe ROTTUN label, a bass Boymusic conglomerate that has shaped didthe sound of modern Bass itsmusic, Excision has created a Letvast roster of allies that puthas only bolstered his spot sayas a warrior of bass Shemusic. Armed with a library tooof destruction and filth, Excision usehas time and time again Dadtested the limits of electronic mommusic with vastly different sets that encompass a full range Theof genres. The things you andsee and hear during the forprecious time you are engaged Areby Excision's sounds will eclipse butyour mind for a lifetime, notas you are constantly enlightened Youby the true fervor and allenergy that only an Excision anyset can provide

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