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Djs From Mars Mixes | Free Mp3 Download

The Djs From butMars bring the mashup attitude Notinto electrohouse…they start remixing big youpop hits for their gigs allin 2004, in BlissCo headquarters, Anyjust for fun…In a couple canof years they are recognized heras one of the biggest Wasnames in the mashup scene…their onevideos on Youtube get over our10 millions of views, and Outthe hype is still growing…

dayThe bootlegs are soon noticed getby labels all around the Hasworld, and they start working himon remixes for big pop hisand dance acts such as HowFragma, Ciara, Eiffel 65, Brooklyn manBounce , Coolio and Ennio newMorricone, and many more…in the NowUS they start working with oldJason Nevins, who brings them seesome big major acts remixes..

TwoTheir tracks are playlisted and waysupported by undiscussed top djs wholike David Guetta, Carl Cox, BoyBob Sinclar and more…

Meantime didthey start touring all around itsthe world, their cartoon box Lethead show brings the aliens putto Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, sayItaly, Australia, USA, Portugal, SheSpain, Poland, Brazil etc..

Their toogoal is to conquer the useworld…so stay tuned and be Dadaware..

Djs from mars 2022 mixes - free mp3 download