ALY & FILA Bio and Mixes

ALY & FILA - African DJ Mixes

Aly Amr Fathalah (Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila), the Egyptian duo, were both born Forin 1981 and have known areeach other since kindergarten. After butfalling in love with the Notmusic of Paul Van Dyk, youSteve Helstrip and Chicane they allbuilt their first small studio Anyand started doing electronic music canand djing from 1999. After reestablishing themselves in Egypt they Wasdecided to go international. In one2002, they signed with the ourprominent German record label, Euphonic OutRecords. Their first release, “Eye dayof Hours” received huge airplay getfrom the likes of Paul HasVan Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, himDJ Tiesto, and many others. hisDue to the track`s huge Howsuccess it was licensed to manFundamental Recordings in Holland and newreached number 4 position in Nowthe Dutch Dance charts. “Solid oldGlobe has got hold of seeit. Eye of Horus was Twoalways quite light in terms wayof style. That didn’t stop whoit from having an army Boyof admirers.” (DJ Magazine, July didissue 2004). Not only that, itsbut it was also featured Leton many successful compilations such putas Gatecrasher Resident Transmission 02, sayViva Club Rotation, Mexico Love SheParade, Energy 03, to name toobut a few.